Jan 242014

The Dad is sleep-deprived and pee soaked, so this is the best you’re gonna get

Most of my humorous parenting stories from this week began at 4:00 a.m. with the voice of a two-year-old girl saying, “Daddy, I’m all wet.” Lovely way to be awakened on the dark side of ungodly early, especially when your interlocutor has climbed into your bed and sat her pee-soaked butt directly on top of you. Anyway, for reasons that should be obvious to other parents, my lack of sleep has led to a lack of focus, so I haven’t sat down to write a nice fresh post this week.

HOWEVER, I have two fun announcements in lieu of original storytelling. These may even be better than a new post.

Number one:

Dad on Arrival was featured on Blogmas 2013: Parents are People. Blogmas is a compendium of the best posts of 2013, as suggested by other bloggers and compiled by Fadra Nally, a great blogger in her own right, and the proprietor of All Things Fadra. Last week, my post, “Santa vs. God vs. Siri” was deemed “The Best Attempt to Explain the Omniscient Forces of the Universe.” This is all very flattering, but the really cool thing, from the perspective of you, the reader, is all the other great posts on this list. Great reading. Go check them out here: Blogmas 2013: Parents are People.

Number two:

Some of you may have heard about this big football game coming up on February 2. Well, the competitors in this most Super of Bowls will be Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks (coincidentally, the two teams from states with legalized marijuana, giving new meaning to the term “Super Bowl”). Now, I live in Denver, and have embraced the Orange Crush as my adopted hometown team. And there’s this other blogger, Meredith Bland, who writes an awesome blog called Pile of Babies, who happens to reside in Seattle. Apparently, she’s a Seahawks fan, as you can see from this post: I watch the NFC Championship game, and discover that I am a terrible person. Anyway, I recently made a Super Bowl bet with Meredith: Loser has to write the winner’s blog for a week, or a couple posts to be scheduled at the winner’s discretion. Basically, once the Broncos trample on the Seahawks and their mouthy cornerback, Richard Sherman, you will get to enjoy the comedic stylings of Pile of Babies, specially crafted for all of you here on Dad on Arrival. Really, you should consider this a major upgrade and root hard for the Broncos. In the meantime, go visit Pile of Babies and tell her that her team is doomed.

Pile of Babies Blog

Pile of Babies is an awesomely funny blog, but the author is rooting for the wrong team in the Super Bowl.

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  1. Thanks for recognizing the fact that I recognized you. And hang in there. They eventually sleep through the night. I mean, it may not be for another 10 years, but eventully…

  2. […] instead I’ll tell you about a little bet I made with another blogger who goes by the name, Dad on Arrival. He is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Unfortunately, it turns out he is also a Broncos fan. […]

  3. i will come back often. I love Pile of Babies, too.

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